Drabickism: An Unnecessary Waste of My Time

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Drabickism: An Unnecessary Waste of My Time

Post  Admin on Sun Sep 20, 2009 1:40 pm

Often some lunatic heretic will suddenly vomit his or her heresies upon us, and then we are forced to set aside our valuable time and effort to combat these vermin. The latest of these vermin is Ms. Am Drabick, who has chosen to pour forth her venomous Satanic vomit upon us on Facebook.

I work nine hours in a Call Center. Then I have to spend at least two hours travelling each way from home to work and back. That makes for 13 hours. Then I must sleep for at least eight hours. That makes for 21 hours. That leaves me with barely three hours to attend to what I consider my most important work, why I am at Facebook and other fora: To spread the Word of God, to proselytize, to defend the faith.

And so, I have to unnecessarily squander precious time answering the garbage that Ms. Drabick has regurgitated.

Catholics are held to a higher standard than non-Catholics. “Invincible ignorance” is not allowed for those who claim to be Catholic. Ms. Drabick claims to be “Catholic,” despite which she demonstrates herself to be nothing more or less than a viciously bigoted Protestant, a Slave and an Apostle of Satan.

But her lies and heresies are not unique. They are the lies and heresies that most “Traditionalists” adhere to, and which are represented, as far as I understand it, by the Sect of Martin Gwynne, represented now principally by John Daly and John Lane, in France and Australia, respectively!

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