Drabickism & Marcel Lefebvre

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Drabickism & Marcel Lefebvre

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Was Bishop Marcel Lefebvre a “tool of Satan”? How does one judge that a person is of the enemy? Must one make such a judgment at all? Is it within the Authority of ordinary Christians to make such a judgment? Or is the Pope qualified to make such a judgment as part of some “Divine Revelation”?

Every Catholic is obliged to judge between good and evil, for he is obliged to flee from evil and cling to the good. And so, every Catholic has the authority and the right to judge and to discern, and to act upon his judgment. Pope Paul IV in his law, Cum ex Apostolatus Officio, affirmed that every individual Catholic has the authority and even the duty and obligation to judge a man on the basis of even merely appearances of heresy and to act upon that judgment, even upto withdrawing from submission, and rejecting that alleged Pope, bishop, priest or other ruler as having left the Church and never attained to the office, or to have lost it.

The Pope makes judgment as Pope by a form of special guidance by the Holy Ghost. The Pope is not, however, an “inspired person” such as a Prophet is; the Pope is not by definition a Prophet, but a Pope may personally be a Prophet. That is, the office of Pope does NOT ex officio include the office of Prophet. Therefore the Pope is never a Prophet by virtue of being Pope.

Pope Michael has never claimed to have exercised Papal Infallibility, which requires the special guidance of the Holy Ghost, to determine that Marcel Lefebvre was a heretic.

A man is defined as a heretic when he contradicts with pertinacity something that the Church condemns or something that flagrantly contradicts the faith, even if only in one facet, so negating the faith, or at least that facet of the faith. As Pope Leo taught, when a Catholic recedes from the fullness of Catholicism in even one point, he ceases to be Catholic.

There are excommunications which are imposed by superiors and there are excommunications that have already be imposed, and which therefore do not require a declaratory sentence by a superior, but that all who adhere with pertinacity to the condemned error, incur that excommunication.

Marcel Lefebvre and his sect have persistently and conclusively produced evidence detailing the Apostasy of the Vatican II Church. This proves that this religion of Vatican II is not the Catholic Church, and that its “Popes” are not the Popes of the Catholic Church.

Despite this, Lefebvre and the Lefebvrists publicly affirm that the “Popes” of the Roman Protestant or BogusOrdian religion are in fact Catholic Popes, and they have even been consistent in expelling and in punishing any who have rejected this error.

Therefore, the Lefebvrists are schismatics, for they confess themselves under the authority of an Apostate.

But as I have demonstrated from the words and teachings of Marcel Lefebvre and his followers, they are heretics not only for the above reason, but also because they are unorthodox on several other doctrines.


When one considers Lefebvrism, one is forced to the realization that what Guerard des Lauriers explicated as his heresy, is exactly what Lefebvre taught and practised without explicating the idea!

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