No Progress Without Unity; No Unity Without Submission

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No Progress Without Unity; No Unity Without Submission

Post  Admin on Sun Nov 01, 2009 9:59 am

The Traditionalist Movement is a self-defeating movement, because it is not sincere in its profession of Catholic principles. Its fundamental ideas are borrowed from Protestant Individualism, and Traditionalism is primarily a loose confederation of nostalgic individualists who, despite their strong nostalgia, are careful lest they should actually attain the restoration of a dogmatic, authoritarian magisterium to rule and guide them, and thus "crimp" their individual liberties and licenses.

But for those who are sincere, and there are sincere souls, there can be no progress without unity, and no unity without submission to the true Pope.

The question of the Pope is not open to discussion, but is settled, and is the action, not of mere men, but of God the Holy Ghost.

It is time to stop idiotic and infantile cavilling and to rally behind the man God has designated as His Chief Shepherd and Vicar or Viceroy here on earth, His Holiness Pope Michael I, Bishop of Rome.

God does not ask us who we want to be our Pope; we can either like it or lump it.

Traditionalists are wasting their time and energies, squandering resources in infantile pursuits.

We have many serious and difficult tasks before us, none the least of which is to recover physical possession of Rome and oust the Bogusordian Protestants from the Holy City, the New Jerusalem.

None of the tasks before us are cheap or easy, but the rewards are great, both here on earth and in heaven, for those who do the Will of God.

Given the seriousness of the task before us, it is time for folks to quit their infantile folly and to rally solidly behind the Church and God's Vicar.

God is fully capable of attaining His ends with or without our participation and cooperation with His Will. But if we resist Him, we make ours His Wrath and Punishment, and if we cooperate, we shall be rewarded, both here and in heaven.

"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Justice, and all the rest shall be added unto you."

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