Do Mahomettans Worship The Same God As Do Christians?

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Do Mahomettans Worship The Same God As Do Christians?

Post  Admin on Thu Oct 22, 2009 11:19 am

The Mahomettan 'god' is called Allah, a contraction of the Arabic for 'The Lord.' The question arises: Which 'Lord' does Mahomettanism worship?

The Bible clearly states that people have falsified the identity of God several times in the past and had worshiped a counterfeit under the name of the true God of the Bible.

The New Testament also states that the Jews, who claim to worship the God of the Bible, are actually the Synagogue of Satan, which means that, while pretending to worship God, they actually worship Satan.

St. Paul wrote to the Galatians warning them against counterfeit gospels as "accursed" by God.

Mahomettanism constitutes a false new gospel which contradicts and negates the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mahomettanism negates and falsifies Jesus Christ, counterfeiting him.

It is obvious that the 'god' of Mahomettanism is NOT the same as the God of the Bible, as the God of the Christians.

It is obvious that the 'Jesus Christ' and 'Mother Mary' of Mahomettanism are not the true Jesus Christ and His Mother, but are devils masquerading under the guise of them.

Mahomettanism worships Satan, not God.

No Christian should or can use the name Allah for the Christian God, because it is in fact the name of a false god, the name, in fact, of Satan.

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