The Plague of Feeneyism

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The Plague of Feeneyism

Post  Admin on Wed Sep 09, 2009 9:02 pm

Feeneyism is an old heresy that while not so very old in itself, has roots in ancient rebellions and rebellious attitudes and schisms in the history of the Economy of Salvation. It was prefigured by the Rigorism of the Donatist heresy, the Novatian heresy and the Luciferian heresy commenced by Bishop Lucifer of Cagliari, all of whom refused to forgive and rehabilitate Christians who had lapsed during the Roman persecutions. The Donatists and Novatians even set up lines of Antipopes in Rome, like the later "Spiritual Franciscan" heretics!

The Traditionalist movement is thoroughly invested by the Feeneyites. They have gained the allegiance of very many "Traditionalists," including the late Fr. James Wathen, and of Bishop Ryan St. Anne.

Among those who propagate the Feeneyite heresy are Richard Ibranyi, Philip McCabe, Patrick Pollock, Michael Malone, Peter & Michael Dimond, Gerry Matatics....

The doctrinal basis of the condemnation of the Feeneyite heresy is already settled, and not an open question. Nevertheless, everytime that I condemn and challenge them, they pretend that the question is open and not settled, and demand "proofs" for my assertions, including the validity for the Doctrines of the Baptisms of Blood & Desire, the Doctrine of the Anonymous Christian, and other Catholic doctrines that the Feeneyites pretend to be "Catholic heresies."

This hypocrisy mimics that of the Jansenists, where again, despite the question being settled, nevertheless still pretend that the question is not settled, and demand "proofs."

I do not see how Catholics have any obligations towards Feeneyites, and of indulging them in their desire for a never ending distraction of forever providing "proofs" and going round and round in circles, with the Feeneyites accepting nothing but their own authority and misinterpretations of Catholic teachings.

I have nevertheless begun to download research material for setting up my own comprehensive statement on the Feeneyite heresy, and will attend to it when time allows.

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