Waiting for Jesus by Harun Yahya

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Waiting for Jesus by Harun Yahya

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Against Harun Yahya, I affirm: The “Jesus” of Mahomettanism is a Counterfeit, a Fraud that is set up as a counter to the true, historical and Christian Jesus Christ and as a bait and a snare to ambush, to seduce and to mislead souls away from the Truth, from Jesus Christ who is True God, and to lead souls to eternal damnation. Mahomettanism is only another form of Satanism.

Lúcio Mascarenhas,
Catholic Internet Apologist & Catechist Authorized by the Holy Father,
Baçaim (Vasai), South Asia

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Waiting For Jesus

The Good Tiding Awaited by Christians and Muslims

We are Muslims who love Jesus, believe in all his miracles and noble morality, know that he will come back to the world again to save humanity and we are eagerly waiting for this great and blessed event to happen....

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