Robert McKenna, Pharisaical hypocrite contemptuous of Catholicism

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Robert McKenna, Pharisaical hypocrite contemptuous of Catholicism

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Bishop Robert F. McKenna, O.P.
15 Pepper St.
Monroe, Connecticut
Tel. (203) 261-8290
August 19, 2009

Dear Michael,

I am sorry I have forgotten your pre-assumed name and title. I did not know you still claim to be pope, and I certainly do not recognize it. Even were I to grant, which I do not, that under the circumstances it is for the faithful at large to supply the Church with a true pope, you who were elected, as I recall, by hardly a handful of family and friends scarcely qualify as being elected by the "Universal Church." Even were that itself the case, you could not as a layman possess jurisdiction. Certainly I myself do not claim any but was consecrated by Guerard des Lauriers to preserve the Apostolic Succession of bishops ordained with the traditional rite. No bishops no Church.

As for the Vatican Council's teaching that St. Peter has continual successors until the end of time, this need not be understood as de facto but de jure. Historically there have been extended delays between the death of one pope and the election of a successor.

For the good of your own soul I urge you to give up your farcical claim to the papacy.

Sincerely in Christ,

+Robert McKenna, O.P.

Dear Mr. McKenna, - You do have a lot of insolence and impertinence. Okay, I will play hardball with you, as you do.

You want people to “give up your farcial claim for the good of your soul”? Well, start with yourself! Start by stop pretending to be a Catholic bishop, a bishop, a cleric! Stop pretending to be a Catholic! Confess to the truth, that you are a layman and a schismatic!

You say that you have a problem with His Holiness Pope Michael I being “elected, as I recall, by hardly a handful of family and friends.” Wonderful! It just proves that you are not Catholic, and are totally ignorant and contemptuous of Catholicism!

Show me where in Canon Law does it exclude family members from being electors? You mean to say that the Church cannot, for example, make members of the same family Cardinals? You beggar belief! And in the present time, the Church does not have any surviving Cardinals, so that it has the right to innovate, as has been upheld by Pope St. Pius X in his Address on Catholic Action to the Congress of Lodi! But what innovation is this? Pope Nicholas II who had innovated the system of election by the College of Cardinals, provided, in the face of anger at this innovation, that the Church could legitimately set aside this innovation and return to the ancient method of election, which was by the clergy and laity.

You “Traditionalist Bishops” are a bunch of hypocrites and kleptomaniacs. You steal the Episcopal character so that you can tyrannize us, and frustrate the Church’s restoration, to lord it over us and to pasture yourself on us!

You grant yourself license under “Epikeia” to make yourselves “bishops” saying “No bishop, no church” but you deny the faithful-at-large (the Church-at-large) the right to restoration of the Papacy and of the Church, which critically depends on the Papacy, on the basis of the same “Epikeia” when this is far more urgent a need than that of merely perpetuating the episcopacy! No wonder you are a bunch of Pharisees and hypocrites, whitewashed outside and full of foulness and corruption within!

Aren’t you the one who destroyed the Orthodox Roman Catholic Movement, stealing it from Fr. Fenton, the man who made and inspired it and who made it a lively organization, and you have reduced it to a mere name!

You are not only a hypocrite, you are also insane, when you say that “you as a layman cannot possess jurisdiction”! You are truly diabolic and insane! It has always been Catholic teaching that even a mere layman can be elected Pope, and immediately upon his accepting, attains to the fullness of the Papal Office, including Supreme Jurisdiction and even prior to his ordination and consecration. But you are of the Devil, an Apostle of Satan, who has nothing but utter contempt for the Catholic Faith!

I know that nothing that I say is going to get to you behind your inordinate pride at having “stolen and secured” for yourself illicitly the Episcopal character, but I can assure you that you will assuredly be going to hell, with the vast majority of your fellow “Traditionalist bishops,” where you will then openly served, while you covertly serve here on earth, your master Satan!

Lúcio Mascarenhas, Catholic Internet Apologist & Catechist Authorized by the Holy Father,
Baçaim (Vasai), South Asia
"If all my works do not glorify the Lord, they are in vain" - Lúcio Mas.

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