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Anglicanism has as much a political and social aspect as a doctrinal. And these different streams of Anglicanism have moved in different directions, all the time aiming for the same ends. The English, since their apostasy, have made themselves the allies and principal agents and instruments, above all others, of the Jews and of their program, become Noahide Semi-Jews as a race. And they have spawned themselves into Americanist, Canadian, Australian, New Zealanders, etc. and also the Indianist, Hindutva, Gandhian, Nehruvian and other successor ideologies.... And they have worked actively and aggressively, intervening with armed force and lying propaganda, to wage war on others to propagate and entrench their Kleptocracies all over the world, even in Latin America and Latin Europe through Simon Bolivar, Simon San Martin, Bernard O'Higgins, Jose de Mello-Pombal, Dom Pedro and other Liberals and Freemasons everywhere. The Christian's duty is to isolate and war upon and destroy this hydra-headed demon, not make a peace with this instrument of Satan.

Every Christian must choose whether he believes in a the unity of his 'race,' or in a pan-Christian unity. A true Christian chooses pan-Christian unity, he who is deluded by Satan chooses the other.

The Roman Church has always taught, “Praestantia ritus Latinii” - the Rite of the Latin has pre-eminence and preference in the Universal Church.

The Latin race is the Patrimony of the Martyrs and the Crusaders. Some portions may have fallen, or others, grafted into it, may not yet have risen to the full glory of the Latins.... Yet the Latins, because they belong pre-eminently to God, are far superior to the Anglican race of England, the Americas, Oceania....

The Latin race includes the Italians, Spanish, Portuguese and French, and also includes the Latin Americans including the Mesticos, the Philippinians, the Brazilians, Goans, and other assimilated peoples, the Metis, the Arabic speaking Christians of the Levant, etc.

It is the natural ambition of the English race to wage war upon, to subvert and to dissolve the Latin race into "component parts" and to co-opt and absorb them into the Anglican tradition.

When you publicly fantasize about killing people today, and are not rebuked for it, who knows if you may not actualize that tomorrow?

Why should a Christian and a Latin publicly fantasize about murdering Latins? Because he has been brainwashed into becoming an Anglican, a neo-Conservative.

Neo-Conservativism is another trick and lie of the Anglican agenda, to further the Jewish cause.

He who esteems Jesus Christ, esteems the Latin race and culture as the best, as being the most closely approximated to God, just as the pre-Messianic Jews were the then the best and most closely assimilated to God (for the Christian is the heir of Moses and his Covenant, and of Abraham, while the Jews have rejected God and have been rejected in turn, though not irrevocably), and such a soul will contemn and despise the Enemy race, the English, the race of the Adversary, which always since their apostasy, has waged war upon the Latin, sought to subvert and pervert it.... He who glories in the Anglican races, and in its branches, such as Americanism, the lie of the specialty and special goodness and "manifest destiny" of the Americans, which race emulates and makes its own the apostasy and war upon God of the Deicide Jews, contemns God and His Saints.

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