Auto-Masochism Or How To Brown Nose the Enemy & Antagonize One's Own

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Auto-Masochism Or How To Brown Nose the Enemy & Antagonize One's Own

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Co-Option; Brainwashing; Stockholm Syndrome; Auto-Masochism: Different names for the same tactic by Satan.

Traditionalism in the U.S.A. is dominated by people with a "neo-conservative" attitude and who share the WASP distaste for "illegal immigration" by Latin Americans; liberal Bogusordians go out of the way to facilitate it.

I had objected to Mario Derksen's propagation of these racist, xenophobic, bigotted ideas, although he never responded.

U.S. Traditionalists do not play to the Catholics or ex-Catholics, but they play to the WASP gallery, which is why they take this suicidical approach.

They represent false ideas that they have been brainwashed into and the basis of which they themselves were long persecuted and dehumanized. Indeed, their program represents the success of the WASPization program of the WASPs, such as was blatantly articulated by McKinley when he set out to Protestantize and Satanize the then near-exclusively Catholic Philippines.

Self-suicidical because it is designed at alienating the far more vigorous Latin American traditionalists communities, which produced Fr. Joaquin Saenz y Arriaga, the Bishops Carmona & Zamora, etc., and which has many vibrant, if as equally misguided communities of Traditionalists as are the U.S. traditionalists.

Indeed, Traditionalism in the U.S.A. was largely the creation of the Mexicans, including Fr. Saenz y Arriaga.... But a new generation has arisen that has been weaned on the milk of Protestant bigotry, and has forgotten the familiar bonds that tie them to, and infact act as a vital lifeline, an umbilical cord, if you may, that invigorates Catholicism subsisting in the hostile WASPish environment of the U.S.A.....

In South Asia, this same result has been accomplished vide the manufactured 400 years long "internal schism" among Catholics: between the Padroado and Propaganda factions, a war begun by the English with deliberate intent, by first kicking out the Goan priests of the Archdiocese of Goa out "native states" and British territories, including the city of Bombay and inviting the Carmelites to take their place, then kicking out the Carmelites and bringing in the Padroado once again, and finally, dividing Bombay and British India into rival Padroado and Propaganda jurisdictions, with one Catholic bishop against another Catholic bishop. Catholics fought Catholics over jurisdiction; both depended on the English who also controlled the Padroado through their puppets , Pombal, Dom Pedro, "Queen Mary II" and her bastard progeny that ruled Portugal till 1911 supplanting the Catholic Kings Michael I & II.... Under the Pombaline Regime that continued even under Salazar and continues till today with minor modifications, the Portuguese Church became a quasi-Anglican or quasi-Gallican institution, bowing before the Royalist heresy (Josephinism / Caesaropapism). For all that, they remained far more Catholic in sense than the Propaganda faction which made it its central vocation to suck up to Protestant England.... Several Popes fell for this lying strategy of the English, including Pope Pius IX, who denounced the "Goan schism" and who excommunicated several Goan priests in Bombay... thus playing into the hands of the English. Goans may have stood up to "Papal aggressions" against Patronal rights ceded in perpetuity to the King of Portugal, the Patron of Indian Christianity, but they were never traitors to Christ, unlike many of the Propagandists, who blindly assimilated Anglicanism, creating a tradition of Indo-Anglicists sucking up to the establishment and imbibing the establishment's contrived "liberal" bias in favor of Protestant England that remains vigorous till today. This is because, with the weight of the Popes and the Curia behind the Propaganda party, eventually, the Propaganda faction gained the upper hand, to the great detriment of Christianity in India. That is why Christianity in India is so weak and unstable, incapable of standing up or of even recognizing that they are fundamentally contaminated with false ideas, with Anglophilia. The opposite idea, of Lusophilia, despite the many failings of Portugal, moors the Lusophile to the Latin, Catholic tradition as against the English Protestant traditions.... It is only a return to the ideas of the Marquis of Alva that Christianity in South Asia can regain its essential vigor.

The idea of Anglicanism is the heart of "Indianism," and is the dagger pointed at the heart of Goa; it is this that "legitimized" and facilitated the Rape of Goa, and the Delusitanization of Goans.

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