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Re: The Hobgoblin's Latest Pathetic Attack Against Me

Post  Admin on Tue Nov 03, 2009 10:25 am

Interesting how desperate the Psychopathic Hobgoblin is to silence me! But, no, it won't work! - Lucio

"Lucio Mascarenhas India - USA Connections 'Networking' with Bawden & Jim Condit Jr."

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Monday 02nd, November 2009

David Hobson

Mr. Lucio Mascarenhas of Bombay is on a search in this tough economy. He mixes with many others in the USA - like near Manhattan (Kansas). Here is his best fellow late 40's friend David "Michael" Bawden: who was in the US news just today! See Not New Delhi but "DELIA"!

Picture coming soon on Silicon (Indias) blogs (unless - Lucio changes his mind).

He has another "networking" friend (non IT) in Cincinnati, Ohio named Jim Condit Jr. (They just exchanged correspondences last week (October 30, 2009 1:14 AM) via computer email.

Again more pictures "A r y a n k k K" etc too. (De Facto) This guy gets around!

His friend there in Cin, Jim, can be see on a profile here.

Somtimes it seems Lucio is out there Alone trying to "network" - ok back to work...?!? Get those resumes out!

From: "The BlogHound".

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Hobson, Editor (TCW) <>
Date: Nov 3, 2009 4:25 PM
Subject: Dear Mr. Simoes

Hello. I have started a new blog in your country -

Of course Many more will come too. This Mr. Loser Mascarenhas is a vile scab - this small man uses a tiny little monitor etc (DOCUMENTED) to send his wicked works to others and lies in at least one online forum by saying he is from "Western Arizona" - he is ashamed to be from the country of St. Thomas the Apostle.

Loser Mascarenhas has no job (and no life). He subsists on posting hell on freebie type American (we the people) low quality PRE-Owned rationed web space. He once bragged about have big bucks ? ---- this guy cannot even afford proper eye care - it seems - his cockeyed appearance (from viewing that itsy bitsy monitor?) is gruesome. Big Bombay computer guy for hire? Ha!!!!

This late forty something Loser bachleor has one web (space/page?) with effeminate pink hearts colors all around it very odd.

There is a law firm that already will be shutting his Wi/FI down it seems - he is falling into a concrete trap.

Again this wanna be "Arizonian" hobo in Maharashtra is using some lady to headhunt for him i.e. help to try to do something- once.

So this new blog will be posted world wide (De Facto) - I have the ability to bring any post to an audience of 10's of thousands of news journalists- who search under the news tab. Not the web tab - these people really publish.

It seems a link with this sectarian Loser and his heretic partner Jim "Aryan Nation" Condit Jr., note: who pals with convicted child molesters see: must be sent to all of his potential entry level new bosses in west (north south and east) Arizona.

Information is coming in.

St. Thomas Destroy All the Enemies of the Chair of Peter!

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