Hobson’s Deliberate "Chinese Whispers" Distorts Jim Gebel’s Complaint

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Hobson’s Deliberate "Chinese Whispers" Distorts Jim Gebel’s Complaint

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Hobson’s Deliberate "Chinese Whispers" Distorts Jim Gebel’s Complaint Against Dolan, Cekada, Etc.

Showing Hobson As A Pathological Liar and Fraudster With Zero Credibility

Today's Catholic World or TCW (http://www.todayscatholicworld.com) is the flagship website of a group of websites including ThePopeInRed.com & StGemma.com, run by a David Hobson acting as the agent for "Fr. Peter" Tran Van Khoat, "M.D."

Hobson is a habitual liar and forgerer, a serial stalker who has regularly harassed and intimidated people, and a cyber stalker to boot.

A few years ago, after Hobson attacked H.H. Pope Michael I etc., I had written articles against Hobson and his principal, Khoat, titled Hobsonmania, on Geocities.com, which website is now defunct (I am looking for a suitable website host to put up my webpages again).

It is for this reason that I regularly style Hobson as "The Hobgoblin."

About two years or so ago, Hobson had attacked my linking of images from his websites into my Hobsonmania page. In response, I substituted image snapshots ("thumbs") from Google.com's cache. That page remained online until October 2009 when Yahoo.com shut down Geocities.com.

Subsequently, Hobson has lodged a patently false and malicious complaint of "copyright violation" against my post on my blog over my use of his thumb linked in from Google.com's caches. This is an ongoing issue.

Recently, Hobson has begun new mischief by alleging that certain Traditionalist leaders, are sodomites, based on allegations allegedly based on the "exposes" of a Mr. James Gebel, who has fallen out with a certain sect (or sects, one Sedevacantist, the other Sedeprivationist) based in Middle U.S.A.

«The recent shakeup at St. Gertrude the Great's (SGG) "church" (the perverse scandal of Mr. Cekada and Mr. Dolan) in Ohio, in which more than 20 witnesses to date have given testimony - has brought many so called "sedevacantists" (a dark Error) to send inquiries regarding the papal restoration campaign and the status of the exiled Hierarchy [Holy

«Note: in justice and to protect innocent children, please contact Mr. James M. Gebel, Sr. (jimgebel@yahoo.com), a "loyal (credible source) 'usher'", according to Mr. Daniel Dolan, who left (SGG) after he and others were beyond a shadow of a doubt, able to confirm the worst alleged accusations at (SGG).

«"... it (Dolan & Cekada being Sodomites) has been corroborated by many, many people. It's common knowledge in several circles" - Public Letter of Mr. James M. Gebel, Sr., Fall 2009.

«Daniel Dolan in (failed) damage control (about Mr. Gebel's flight from SGG) wrote: "...a long time and loyal usher, Jim Gebel. Jim had decided to leave us that day, due to doctrinal differences. We will miss him and his lovely enthusiastic wife, Olga. Goodbye, dear friends!" (St. Gertrude The Great's Official Website, April 19, 2009)

«Mr. Gebel has demanded a public retraction from Dolan for his calculated lie that his (Mr. Gebel's) departure was for "doctrinal differences". -TCW»

Today, I received a letter asking for confirmation of Hobson's allegations on TCW:

«On Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 4:08 AM, G.K. wrote:

«Dear Lucio,

«What is the credibility of TodaysCatholicWorld.com? The autumn issue has made highly derogatory remarks against Bishop Dolan and Fr. Cekada.

«Who is the editor?


«G.K. [Pseudonym]»

I had written to Mr. Gebel myself when I first was notified by Hobson (whom I do not communicate with) of these charges, and while Gebel has sent me a reply that takes these Traditionalist leaders to task, he did not allege Sodomism.

Many of Gebel's letters are online, and I could not find any mention of Sodomism. See e.g., http://www.cathinfo.com/index.php?a=topic&t=8175

After G.K. wrote me for information on this issue, I wrote Gebel for corroboration. This is what Gebel replied:

«Lucio, - No, I did NOT say any such thing; I don't know how Hobson is drawing such conclusions. Writing that kind of thing is dangerous; he'll kill his credibility if he continues to write such things. Thank you for letting me know. - Jim Gebel»

«On Mon, 11/2/09, Lucio Mascarenhas wrote:

«From: Lucio Mascarenhas
«Subject: Re: Alleged scandal at St. Gertrude the Great
«To: Jim Gebel
«Date: Monday, November 2, 2009, 10:22 AM

«Dear Mr. Gebel,

«I have been notified that David Hobson of "Today's Catholic World" has stated publicly on his website that you have written in your letter that Dolan & Cekada are "sodomites." I cannot find that in your letter copy sent to me, or in online versions of your letter.

«I would like to hear from you on this issue. Have you alleged that Dolan, Cekada and or others are sodomites?

«Yours sincerely,

«Lucio Mascarenhas»

«On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 1:25 AM, Jim Gebel wrote:


«I am a former of Gt. Gertrude the Great Church ("SGG") in Cincinnati, Ohio (actually a suburb called West Chester); and I am attaching a letter that I sent to their pastor, Bp. Daniel Dolan, after I left. In it, I explain why I left. Since then (or even concurrent with it), other allegations and "insinuations" have come out against them from others. But what I have said is in my letter.

«By the way, I was a member of SGG for twenty some odd years before I quit. If my name sounds familiar, that's because I have a son of the same name (James Gebel, Jr.) who is a neurologist. He is, in fact, the neurologist who who wrote a medical opinion on the "Terri Schiavo" affair, which was pretty much the opposite of that of Fr. Cekada (the assistant pastor at SGG). Cekada then wrote a response to him in which he challenged my son's medical expertise (among other things). Cekada's response was pretty condescending (and amateurish), and was completely refuted by an independent traditional Catholic website.

«Some of the "Schiavo" correspondence was included as an attachment to my letter, as was also a letter (written by Fr. Cekada back in 1990) which pretty much contradicts what his and Dolan's views are now. I can send those also if you want them.

«Bear in mind that some of the things that have "surfaced" since I sent my letter are of a more serious nature; but, since I don't have any "proof" of them, it is legally (and morally) prohibitive for me to state them publicly; therefore I won't.

«I hope all of this addresses your needs.

«Jim Gebel»

«On Wed, 8/5/09, Lucio Mascarenhas wrote:

«From: Lucio Mascarenhas
«Subject: Alleged scandal at St. Gertrude the Great
«To: Jim Gebel
«Date: Wednesday, August 5, 2009, 12:29 PM

«Dear Mr. Gebel,

«I have seen email exchanges which speak of "unsavory" happenings at SGG, and I would like to know the exact nature of these allegations.

«I would like to point out that Sanborn, Dolan & Cekada, and others, were disciples or students of Dr. Rama Coomaraswamy at the SSPX seminary; Coomaraswamy while pretending to have converted from Hinduism to Catholicism, and who even obtained ordination as a priest, was exposed to have been an insincere convert, and to have continued to be a Hindu, and to propagate the false ideas of his father, Ananda Coomaraswamy, who had converted from Anglicanism to Hinduism, and who had founded the blasphemous sect of Perennialism.

«It would be impossible that Coomaraswamy had not imparted Perennialist ideas to his then students at the SSPX seminary, Clarence Kelly, Sanborn, Dolan, Cekada, etc.


«Lucio Mascarenhas»

I am not surprised at Gebel's revelation that HE DID NOT make any such allegation as directly attributed to him by Hobson. Hobson is a pathological liar and a professional criminal who is incapable of telling the truth without embellishing it, and converting anything into a lie.


Lucio Mascarenhas
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