Tran Van Khoat, Antipope Innocent XIV & David "Hobgoblin" Hobson

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Tran Van Khoat, Antipope Innocent XIV & David "Hobgoblin" Hobson

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 30, 2009 9:16 am

It is our understanding that Tran Van Khoat claims to have been consecrated a bishop and a cardinal by "Pope Siri." Evidently, not only does Khoat claim to have been made "Cardinal" but also "Camerlengo." On the basis of this pretension, Khoat acting "officially" as "Camarlengo" summoned a "conclave" to elect a "successor" to "Pope Siri." This was by way of an advertisement in a newspaper. Our public news ends there.

A woman who used the pseudonym Palehorse told me that there is a "new pope" as successor to "Pope Siri," but refused to name him, saying that "he lived under a threat to his life." Palehorse was associated with Hutton Gibson and also with Gary Giuffre.

Gary Giuffre and David Hobson fell out at some point of time. David Hobson is the frontsman for Tran Van Khoat.

The "Pope Siri" fairytale was invented by Gary Giuffre, and others came in afterwards. These others are Jim Condit, Jr., Tran Van Khoat, David Hobson, Hutton Gibson (Gibson later publicly repudiated the "Pope Siri" fairytale through his private bulletin, "The War Is Now!").

Khoat quickly became a central figure in the Siri fairytale, the person who "corroborated" Giuffre's claims, claimed to have met Siri in Genoa, Italy, and "obtained" confirmation from Siri for these pretensions.

However, somewhere along the way, Khoat and Giuffre fell out, and Hobson, acting as Khoat's agent, has been attacking Giuffre and his close friend Condit, and others, such as Mario Derksen, Laura Yantsos, Robert di Mare, Silvio Mattachione, Hutton Gibson, etc.

Khoat acted as front for Vietnamese Americans, invested their money in several properties, including a hotel that he owned and managed, and which he had no compunction admitting was being used for prostitution, but about which he did nothing about.

Khoat's ways alienated his followers and caused the bulk of his Vietnamese followers to repudiate him and to defect en masse to the BogusOrdian sect. If I remember correctly, only Khoat's own father remained with him, all the rest defected.

Subsequently, as his church no longer had a congregation, Khoat negotiated with a Vietnamese Buddhist sect and sold his church to them, which is a grave mortal sin against the Catholic faith, and demonstrates the sin and heresy of Indifferentism.

Moreover, he participated in the "Buddhist consecration" of the desecrated church as a Vietnamese Buddhist temple, and there is a photo of his presence to prove it. This further cements his crime of Indifferentism.

Khoat has subsequently invested money in Vietnam setting up sweatshops exploiting the enslaved Vietnamese people, enslaved by the Communists, to produce clothes and other goods for sale in the U.S.A.

He is also the promoter of a "hospital" in Vietnam costing many million dollars, and endorsed by the Communist regime.

Khoat is therefore a collaborator with the Communist Enemy, a traitor to Christian Vietnamese, and also to the Catholic cause.

We have been hearing persistent rumors, not yet confirmed, that Khoat is the "successor" of "Pope Siri" as "Pope Innocent XIV." We have yet failed to get corroboration of this claim, but we judge that if "Pope Siri" has a "successor," the one person who would be most likely him is

What is interesting is that Khoat has never publicly responded to questions about his own behavior; it has always been Hobson who has attacked on behalf of Khoat.

Hobson is not a very bright person, showing a low intelligence. He is evidently being used as the frontsman by Khoat, and it is Khoat's millions, earned from prostitution and exploiting Vietnamese slave labor, that stands behind Hobson's prolific websites.

Hobson runs websites such as the,,, etc. There are about 20 or more websites that are being run by Hobson. Giuffre has his own website defending the "Pope Siri" claim.

One of Hobson's favorite tactics is to pretend to see sexual immorality in his opponents, to pounce upon innocent statements and phrases, and then twist them out of context to support his allegations of sexual immorality.

His other favorite tactic is physical intimidation and stalking.

Another favorite tactic is to register and even actually set up websites in the names of his opponents. It was this mischief that caused Hutton Gibson to set up his own website, which was parked for many years, before actual content was set up for it recently.

Hobson has also been proved to have forged documents to "prove" his claims. One forgery on which he was caught out was a 1990s letter by Fr. Leonard Brey that Hobson altered to include denunciations of H.H. Pope Michael I, Silvio Mattachione, and others.

Hobson subsequently forged "pre-election letters" by H.H. Pope Michael I that "compromise" his claim to the Papacy.


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Fr. Khoat & David Hobson

Post  ggiuffre on Thu May 19, 2011 2:14 am

Dear Lucio:

Could you please explain to me why “H.H. Pope Michael I” would be any less of a “fairytale” than the same which you ascribe to Giuseppe Siri? Siri at least participated at a conclave in 1958 that started out legitimately and was made up of cardinals who were all appointed either by Pope Pius XII or Pope Pius XI. In contrast, David Bawden was the product of a “papal election” held at a “flee-market” furniture resale shop operated by his parents, at which participated only six lay people, four of whom were named Bawden. How did their “pope” satisfy the continuity requirements from the last known, lawful Pope in order that he might claim papal succession from St. Peter?

You have stated several things that are absolutely correct and other things that are not quite accurate on your web-page. With a desire to “set the record straight” on at least some of the points you raise, I will be happy to share with you what information I have, related to these matters:

1) If “palehorse” knows of a successor to Giuseppe Siri, then she has information that is unknown to me. Even if I were in possession of incontrovertible documentation of Siri’s rightful claim to the papal office, I have no proof that he ever attempted to appoint a successor, and since he has now been dead for 22 years, with no credible “successor” surfacing in all that time with evidence of a papal appointment, I am of the opinion that no such person exists.

2) I am not the person who first attributed to Giuseppe Siri the status of a hidden Pope or Pope-in-exile, but merely engaged in an investigation after others had made the subject known to me, leading to my unearthing much new related information which has been compiled into a lengthy manuscript, (most of which has never been published) prompting my own conclusions from the evidence available to me.

3) Fr. Tran Van Khoat’s gate-crashing of a convent in Rome in June 1988, where Siri was in temporary residence, is a historical fact supported by photographic evidence. It is also true that Fr. Khoat and I fell out, but this was after his encounter with Giuseppe Siri, when he began to exhibit an unstable mentality, demonstrated by his “crying spells” at the altar and from the pulpit, which would last several minutes at a time, followed by serious lapses in good judgment, including his posting the “Camerlengo” advertisement in the "Houston Chronicle" and several Italian newspapers; his attempt to exercise the privileges of a cardinal without a scintilla of proof that he was appointed to that office, and; his campaign to divide a congregation of remnant Catholics in Houston, Texas, in order to force the transfer of their chapel properties into his coffers.

4) You are correct that Fr. Khoat has been involved in a number of unsavory business ventures, but as far as I know, most if not all of these have either collapsed or were only marginally successful. Therefore, it is more likely that Fr. Khoat has been attempting to tap into the monetary resources of David Hobson, than the other way around. As you have correctly mentioned, Fr. Khoat, a former anti-Communist, has been courting the favor of the Communist leadership of Vietnam in connection with his project for an “American Hospital” in Hanoi. Similarly, following Fr. Khoat’s rejection by the directors of an association of remnant Catholic who were favorable to the thesis of a suppressed papacy as the “enabling act” for the conciliar revolt of the 1960s, he gave sermons to a break-away group in which he promoted the Seminary of the Institute of Christ the King in Gaciliano, Italy, because, as he said, “It has the approval of Rome.” Then, after his return to Vietnam, Fr. Khoat applied for (and received) a “celebret” indicating that he was in good standing with the Communist-approved Novus Ordo Bishop of Dalat and was authorized to offer Mass within the conciliar bishop’s diocese. Thus, by the mid 1990s, the previously rumored papal status of the late Giuseppe Siri, was, to all appearances, a non-issue for Fr. Tran Van Khoat, now firmly re-established back inside the “official church”. Then, unexpectedly in 2005 or 2006, Fr. Khoat was contacted by David Hobson, a would-be hijacker of the Siri investigation who also likes to give people the impression that he is a big-business tycoon by flashing his money around, and suddenly, Fr. Khoat was a great champion of Giuseppe Siri once again. Hobson, desperately wanting to be a “somebody” within traditionalist circles, latched on to Fr. Khoat, hoping that he had the “inside track” on the illusive identity of Siri’s “successor”. And Fr. Khoat, hoping to cash-in from this new relationship was only too happy to “string along” the naïve Hobson indefinitely, if possible. When the double con-job finally plays out, the inevitable falling-out between Fr. Khoat and David Hobson will be spectacular.

Sorting through the maze of contradictory claims and the menagerie of questionable persons, in what passes for “traditional Catholic resistance” these days just might be the most formidable challenge and draining undertaking that one could experience during an entire lifetime. Asking God that you are favored with the gifts of wisdom and discernment via the Light of the Holy Ghost as you attempt to distill that occasional drop of truth from the ocean of lies into which our generation is immersed, I remain,

Sincerely yours in Christ the King,
Gary Giuffré


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Why should I bother with you heretics and malefactors?

Post  LvcivsCa on Thu May 19, 2011 7:51 am

Mr. Giuffre,

I don't have to read all of your reply to recognize from the first paragraph itself that you are a persistent, unrepentant heretic and malefactor with nothing but the most supreme contempt for the Catholic faith.

It is totally irrelevant where H.H. Pope Michael was elected, whether in a manger, a stable, a catacomb, a flea market store, or whatever as long as the electors cannot be shown to have deliberately chosen an unbecoming venue; in this case, it was a store where the Bawden family conducted their business and from which they earned their legitimate livelihood. Only a malefactor would make a pretension of scandal as to the venue being a "flea market."

Only a malefactor would pretend to a scandal that the electors were "only from the laity." The election was purely by the laity, not by purpose, but by default, since there were no legitimate clerics willing or able to attend.

Only a malefactor would pretend to a scandal that "four of the six electors were named Bawden," aside from the material fact that three, not four, of the six were named Bawden. There is nothing in Catholic law that forbids individual Catholics who accidentally belong to the same family, from being co-electors of a Pope. Only a malefactor could pretend otherwise, could pretend to a "scandal" in this accident.

Again, it requires a malefactor to juxtapose an unproven election which is only uncertain rumors, uncertain even as to the identity of the man pretendedly elected, with the certain election of David Bawden.

Lastly, it takes a malefactor and a man simulating the idiot to pretend that the election of Bawden does not "satisfy the continuity requirements from the last known, lawful Pope in order that he might claim papal succession from St. Peter." Only an idiot or an ignoramus would pretend to such a folly, and does not need to dignify a reply to this gibberish.

I don't wish to trudge through the rest of your garbage. Enough is enough. I do no commerce with heretics and malefactors. Leave me well alone.


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