Parham Mortazavi: Reactionary Misogyny of Victims of Feminist Misandry?

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Parham Mortazavi: Reactionary Misogyny of Victims of Feminist Misandry?

Post  Admin on Thu Sep 10, 2009 11:17 am

I am thrice a victim of Feminist misandry, which is why I became a member of the online Save Indian Family Foundation, a support group for victims.

Recently, I had exchanges with an Iranian Parham Mortazavi who began attacking Mother Mary on her birthday. Eventually, after having made my point to my satisfaction, and seeing that there was no hope of dining sense into his thick skull, I banned him so that I no longer receive his malicious messages.

But this also set me thinking, and I began to research him on the Internet. From what I found, he seems to be another victim of feminist misandry, and had reacted into misogyny, which made him hate and attack motherhood and Mother Mary.

This deduction is, of course, not settled as yet, for I have to yet go through the pages that I have downloaded to study Parham thoroughly, which I intend to do once I have some breathing space from my court case.

From his name, he seems Mahomettan. He claims he isn't. Which would mean either that he is Bahai or an Atheist. Or perhaps a member of the Communist Tudeh (Dawn) Party which fled Iran after Khomieni's Putsch. Most Tudeh refugees live in Iraq, but they are also spread around the world.

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